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Yoga Pants Hot Teen

But others, like Ardrey Kell High, are tweaking their dress codes to allow pajama pants, after students argued that pajama pants aren\u2019t much different than sweatpants, cause no visual disruption and bring them comfort.

Yoga Pants Hot Teen


Ardrey Kell Principal Jamie Brooks said the journey to the school\u2019s reverse-course on pajama pants began after teachers came to Brooks as the weather cooled last fall asking why the school wasn\u2019t enforcing the \u201Cno pajamas\u201D policy that was written into the school dress code, but was enforcing other school rules.

Brooks took the issue to the school\u2019s School Leadership Team in December, which after a hearty discussion voted overwhelmingly in favor of writing a line into the dress code allowing pajama pants, while still prohibiting slippers and other types of pajamas.

\u201CReally, when you get down to it, pajama pants are a lot less revealing than a lot of the things kids are choosing to wear,\u201D Brooks told The Ledger this week. \u201CWe understand that the fashion trend of the year 2022 is all of these pajama pants that you can buy at Old Navy for five bucks, that are comfortable and look like sweatpants. \u2026 It\u2019s not a hill that we want to die on.\u201D

\u201CThe students call them \u2018lounge pants\u2019 and insist they are not pajamas. I would call them comfortable!\u201D he wrote to The Ledger in an email. \u201COur dress code does not outlaw pants of this nature, and I am not going to become a fashion expert to determine what is pajamas and what is not.\u201D

Speaks said she predicts a continuation of \u201Cthe trend of pants that will mimic pajamas \u2014 waistbands that are not restricting, wider leg pants. That\u2019s what brands are putting out; hopefully not what looks like full-blown pajamas.\u201D

Speaks said that when her own 12th grade daughter came to her recently asking for mom\u2019s blessing to wear pajama pants to school, Speaks assessed her daughter\u2019s whole look \u2014 freshly washed pajama pants, nice sneakers, stylish top \u2014 and decided that instead of looking sloppy, it looked neat enough for school. 350c69d7ab



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